Channel abbreviations

This table lists the channel notations used in this document.

Table 1.
Abbreviation Channel
L Left
R Right
C Center
Lc Left Center
Rc Right Center
LFE Low-Frequency Effects
Lfh Left Front Height
Rfh Right Front Height
S Mono Surround
Cs Center Surround
Ls Left Surround
Rs Right Surround
Lscr Left Screen
Rscr Right Screen
Lsd Left Surround Direct
Rsd Right Surround Direct
Lb Left Back
Rb Right Back
Cb Center Back
Lb Left Back
Rb1 Right Back
Lvh Left Vertical Height
Cvh Center Vertical Height
Rvh Right Vertical Height
Lrs Left Rear Surround
Rrs Right Rear Surround
Lrs Left Rear Surround
Rrs Right Rear Surround
Lw Left Wide
Rw Right Wide
Tbl Top Back Left
Tbr Top Back Right
Tfl Top Front Left
Tfr Top Front Right
Tl Top Left
Tr Top Right
Ts Top Surround
Ltm Left Top Middle
Rtm Right Top Middle
Lts Left Top Surround
Rts Right Top Surround
SW Subwoofer speaker output
1 Lb and Rb correspond to the Lrs and Rrs channels as defined by SMPTE.