Standards and Dolby documents provide additional information to assist you in designing your product.


  • ETSI TS 103 190-2 v1.2.1, Digital Audio Compression (AC-4) Standard, Part 2; Immersive and Personalized Audio, available from This documentation extends the AC-4 codec with a number of new use cases relevant for next-generation audio services.
  • ISO/IEC 14496-12:2015, Information Technology—Coding of Audio-Visual Objects, Part 12: ISO Base Media File Format, available from This documentation is Part 12 of the MPEG-4 specification and describes storage of content in a media file.
  • HTTP Live Streaming 2nd Edition , available from (Search for "HTTP Live Streaming".)
  • RFC 6381, The 'Codecs' and 'Profiles' Parameters for "Bucket" Media Types, August 2011, available from
  • ISO 639-2:1998, Codes for the Representation of Names of Languages, Part 2: Alpha-3 Code, as maintained by the ISO 639/Joint Advisory Committee, available from

Other documents

HLS Authoring Specification for Apple Devices, available from