Using the web-based stream validator

Several steps must be followed to use the web-based stream validator.


  1. Open the online stream validator page at
  2. Specify the input files. For encrypted content, select the Decryption check box to add decryption keys:
    • To verify an online media file, select the first radio button and paste the URL of the file. Use the Record ON/OFF switch to indicate whether to save the media segments specified by the URL. Click Start to start verification.
    • To verify a local file, select the second radio button and click Choose File to select the file. The option supports selecting a media file or a .zip package containing multiple manifest and media files.

      The stream validator does not upload your local files anywhere. The entire validation process is performed using your web browser to avoid copyright issues. You must clean the cache of your browser before using the stream validator.

  3. Optional : If errors are reported, you can check your input file on the tree view tab. The errors are highlighted.


When the verification completes, the media information or the error messages are displayed on the console tab.


  • Example 1: Validation passed

  • Example 2: Validation failed