Testing with the interactive procedure

Follow these instructions to generate and complete the interactive test procedure.


  • Before you start, make sure you are familiar with product variations.
  • The interactive test procedure does not support Internet Explorer. We recommend using recent versions of Mozilla Firefox.
  • JavaScript support must be enabled in your browser.


  1. Open the Dolby online delivery website at https://ott.dolby.com.
  2. Navigate to the Dolby AC-4 Online Delivery Kit > View > Interactive test procedure.
    If this is the first time you run the interactive test procedure, an empty product configuration questionnaire appears. If you have run the procedure before, you may need to clear the settings by clicking Settings , and then New session.
  3. Fill in the product configuration questionnaire.
    To obtain the list of relevant test cases for your system, you must answer some questions regarding system capabilities. The questionnaire may have multiple pages. In a completed questionnaire, every required question must have a sign.
    As you fill in the questionnaire, certain questions and answers automatically become inactive, because they are incompatible with the feature you are selecting.
    If you wish to send a question or comment to the Dolby team, you can use the Add a comment function.
  4. Click Next when you have completed each page, then click Done when you have completed the entire questionnaire.
    A test-case list is generated and appears in a new page with the required and recommended tests for your system. You must complete all required tests listed for your system capabilities.
  5. Optional : Sort, filter, and save the test-case list for better orientation and for future reference:
    • You can show or hide columns using the check boxes on the side panel (for example, Approach or Standard). By default, the list shows Test Case, Purpose, Test Case Type, Input Stream Type, Output Stream Type, and Status.
    • You can sort the list by clicking the column headers.
    • You can apply filtering criteria on a relevant column in the list using the filtering check boxes on the side panel.
    • You can save or load a session under Settings > Session management. The settings you filled in for your system are saved in a .json log file.
  6. For each test case:
    1. Click the test case in the list, and read the test-case description and procedure.
    2. Generate test signals by multiplexing the streams listed in the Test Signal section by using the content creation product under test.
    3. Follow the step-by-step instructions on the page to complete the tests.
    4. Compare the test results with the expected results shown on the page, and select Pass or Fail.
    5. To go to the next test case in the list, click Next.
      If you want to see the entire list again and check the tests' status, click Up one level or Tests Overview.
    A Test suite progress of 100 percent indicates that you have completed all of the required tests.
  7. Save the printable versions of the questionnaire and test cases under Settings > Print versions.
    Click All to generate an .html file that contains the completed questionnaire and the test-case list together with test results.