Stream validator

The stream validator verifies that the Dolby codec streams specified in manifest files (MPD for MPEG-DASH, playlist for HLS ), Dolby codec streams included in media files (MP4, fragmented MP4) , or elementary streams conform to corresponding requirements from Dolby.

The stream validator is available as a web-based tool at The stream validator checks only information related to Dolby AC-4, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby Vision, and ignores all other information. For elementary streams, Dolby AC-4 and Dolby Digital Plus elementary streams are supported. Only information related to Dolby AC-4 is provided here.

library_booksNote: The stream validator does not verify the general constraints for MPD, playlist, MP4, fragmented MP4, and MPEG-2 transport streams, such as the constrains for MPD as defined in ISO/IEC 23009-1, Information Technology—Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH)—Part 1: Media Presentation Description and Segment Formats.